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In this relaxing two-hour workshop, you’ll experience the synergy between mindfulness and photography.

This will be an opportunity to restore yourself — by slowing down, letting go, and exploring photography as a gateway to increased inner stability and calm. It’ll be a chance to deepen your innate creativity, intuition, and connection to yourself and the world.

We’ll begin indoors at the Sanctuary studio with a friendly introduction and you’ll be gently guided through a simple, yet profound, mindfulness practice readily accessible to everyone. This will help us slow down and notice with fresh eyes.

Grounded and settled, we’ll make our way outdoors for independent photography time. Afterwards, we’ll come together to share experiences and then close with inspiration and practical tips for integrating mindfulness into your photography and daily life.

PLEASE NOTE: Remember to bring any camera that you are comfortable using (phone cameras welcome) and note that technical aspects of photography and sharing photos are not part of this workshop. For all levels of experience in mindfulness and photography. Simply come as you are.

For ages 18 and above.

REGISTER through Sanctuary’s website here.