One-to one or Small Group sessions are available in Mindfulness Photography or Mindfulness Meditation (no camera required).

Whether you’re a novice seeking to capture life’s beauty or a seasoned photographer looking to rekindle your passion, One-to-One or Small Group Mindfulness Photography Sessions will empower you to see the world with fresh eyes, fostering a sense of mindfulness that extends beyond the lens.

One-to-One or Small Group Mindfulness Meditation Sessions are also available for those who want to focus on developing a mindfulness meditation practice without incorporating a photography practice.

It can be challenging to know where to start with meditation and how to stay with it. Consistency, and discovering what works for you, is key. In these sessions, you’ll be guided and supported in establishing (or re-establishing) a highly personalized  mindfulness & meditation practice.

Wherever you are on your journey, you’ll practice simple methods to bring the benefits of mindfulness into your life; to your relationships, work, creativity, sleep, walking the dog or savoring a cup of tea.

In-person or virtual.

Email if you’d like to know more.